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FINALLY… A Mainstream Journalist Speaks Truth on the Trayvon Martin Travesty! (by lipstickradio)

Son-shine At Dusk

I awoke at dawn, awaiting the light that didn’t come

The darkness surrounded me, invading all of my thoughts

The pain of my past became an inevitable future that 

I couldn’t bare to open my eyes and face

The disgrace I had known, eviscerated 

Any idea of a positive future

Then you came,

For you did not care about the things I had done

You saw a future for me when others believed I had none

Taking me under your wing and introduced me to your friend

Faith, while I had known her name

You showed me who she was and what she want meant

This unity, this trinity picked the pieces of my life up

And put them back together

Nothing was impossible

And every failure was just a chance for a new beginning 

The darkness began to fade as I met a light brighter than any sun I had seen before

Uplifting my mind, my heart and my spirit

I walked until I could run and ran until I could fly

Facing every demon and casting them aside

Every painful memory that was thrown in my face 

Became a stepping stone through grace

I could never repay you for what you’ve done

But I will be eternally grateful for you showed me life in real light

You, the ever iridescent Son

I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.
Maya Angelou (via kari-shma)
Just Called To Say…

So I thought I’d make this call, against my better judgment

To tell you that I still think about you and wonder what we could have been

It’s not that I’m not satisfied with just being your friend

But when I see your face, it makes me curious

About what you’re doing, who you’re seeing, who your laying next to at  night

What you’re thinking

I mean its not that I miss you

It’s just that I miss you

Touching you, kissing you, 

The way you used to smile at me

Probably smiling at some one else now

I don’t know whats wrong with me

You hooked me with your mojo,

There’s no rehab for that

So I’m stuck and its complicated cause I cant get back

So I went against my better judgment to tell you how I feel

Maybe it was the liquid courage 

Pouring swiftly out of my system

That  makes me want to tell you that I really hate that dude that you’re with

Not because he’s bad guy but just because he’s got you

And it makes no sense 

But me without you makes no sense 

So I’ve sense-less since you walked out the door 

And I missed this, just hearing your voice

I cant explain why I cant let go 

I’m dumb struck by your love so I thought you should know

And even if this is your voicemail and I’m too out of it to know it

I think that you’re screwed up but together we’re perfect

What we had was so good, it had to be heaven sent

The matter of the fact, is that damn

I still love you, against my better judgment